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Alhamdulillah. It's been about 2 weeks since I started my part-time job. Although some friends may say that the place I'm working at is not fit for a uni grad, I'm happy with what I'm doing. The friends that I've made (& con't to make), serving people at the ground level, mixing around with people from many different backgrounds.... I mean, I'm grateful for the experience I've had as an organising team member, doing the paper works and all but working at a simple job with a by-hour-pay is an experience in itself.

For example, today was a really great day as I was given the opportunity to interact with Japanese high school students based on my NUS friend/contact. I also made other important connections too aside from all the fun chatting we had together as a group. Then, I was speaking in really 'Queen's English' where the conversation was all well-articulated. On the other hand, I had fun speaking in Singlish with the chefs during my part-time work today. It was a wonderful experience today to use various 'languages' to communicate. If I only knew one, I'd lack the fun and interaction with the other. I'm not saying that having clear-articulated conversations with the better-educated is a (dis)benefit, but rather, it's a great opportunity for one to be closer to every group of people by speaking in a way that is most comfortable for them.

For that, I'm glad with what I'm doing right now despite not having a full-time job yet. I'll just consider this as an opportunity to grasp as much general knowledge and interaction with different people.

Insya-allah, I believe that when the time comes, I'll get the right job. In Him I put my faith in.
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2011 - A memorable year - THANK YOU <3

It's already going to be 5th January 2012 and I'm only writing this entry now. Osoi ne? lol.

2011 is a memorable year for me. Just like 2005. I felt that I became more mature in 2005 when I had to make decisions I deem to be beyond my age of 15 years old. On the other hand, 2011 was a year where I experienced new things. I had to be make adult-like decisions.

A year where I made the decision to take Japanese language lessons at Ikoma. An impulsive decision. A decision I do not regret. I'm proud to have made that decision. And I'm happy with the lessons. But it's probably the fact that it was a decision I made myself that makes me happiest.

A year where I get to make new friends. Especially my adik-adik angkat from Perkampungan Bahasa 2011; Rebana. Sorfina, Faizal, Asyiqin, Amirah, Layyin, Zilah, Raihanah and Marlina. Fond memories with them.

Memories with Rebana bring me to recall a friendship I formed with a friend. A friend who I'm grateful for. I experienced new emotions. Even though till now I refuse to put a name to those emotions, the emotions and experience I had is meaningful to me. I felt as though I have developed as a person through such experience. Memories of sending smses, calls and hanging out... It meant a lot to me though I never said it out loud. Thank you.

A year where my friendship with MMS developed further. Especially new for me as I never had male friends who I am this close to. Being able to be who I want to be when I'm with them. Them accepting me for who I am. Giving me my own space when I need it; being there for me when I need it. It's a beautiful bond. Thank you MMS. You're my bros and sis. ^_^

Not forgetting friends from my old schools. Always doing our best to meet up. I'm just so happy that we're still in contact despite going different paths.

New responsibilities as I became the VP for my CCA. Encountered problems (even political ones) which I had to face. An experience that till now teaches me to grow accustomed to the fact that I'm becoming an adult. 

I await 2012. I wonder if 2012 will bring similar life-changing experiences for me. What I know for sure, I'm truly grateful to the people I encounter in 2011. You all mean a lot to me. In many different ways.

Love you. Thank you.
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Reflections of BGR based on Buzzer Beat <3

A boy-girl-relationship works best when the couple go in a pace that is comfortable for the both of them. Be it a fast-paced relationship or a slowly blooming relationship.As long as the pace works for them both, the relationship will work just fine.

I had these thoughts some time today when I was reflecting the various BGRs my friends are having. Some get into relationships fast, some just mention that they are 'just friends'. Whichever it is, the relationship between these couples work when both sides are going at the same pace. It is only when one desires for a slower/faster pace in the relationship progress where an outsider could see the strains in the relationship.

These thoughts of mine are assured when I was watching the 3rd episode of Buzzer Beat. Hahahhaa. Me and my drawing connections of real life stories with JDoramas I watch. While a prof of mine did mention that dramas dun reflect reality, I believe that dramas reflect the society. I do agree though that dramas reflect a side of the society; not a holistic view of the society, but an important view of the society. And I believe that this view portrayed carries a message. Some may be prejudiced but it will be up to the audience to pick up the values and lessons learnt from these dramas.

Oh well, that's it for now. Wanna con't with episode 4 of Buzzer Beat. XD

It sucks to be alone

The title says it all. It sucks BIG TIME to not have someone to talk to. To lean on. To depend on. To rely on. It makes you feel so alone. Like you gotta hang on for your dear self. It makes you feel lonely. Dang.

It sucks to not being able to talk to anyone to release the pain you're feeling. Cos you fear that you jeopardise the listener and the subject of your topic. Gone were the rimes when I had someone ro talk to. Yup. Life alone sucks big time.

Suck it up 'Izz.

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Hatred is an Emotion Too Strong for a Member of the Opposite Sex

I really hate the fact that I want to say that I hate a particular member of the opposite sex. Hate is an emotion that is too strong to feel towards a male. It makes it seem as though that male affects you so much that the emotion you have towards him is a passionate hatred. Seriously. Why can't it just be ignorance towards him? Why does the emotion have to be 'hatred'? 

Dear heart and brain,
I really, really need you both to co-operate with me. Brain, please take control of Heart as you always have been doing. Heart, now is definitely not the best time to over-run Brain. I need to concentrate in my studies and I seriously cannot concentrate if my Heart and Brain is lingering over some other non-academic thoughts.

I really feel that I was better of not knowing. Knowing something, although you avoid acknowledging, accepting, and returning it, the fact that you now know it, you just can't change it. The effects of knowledge over an emotion can rip you apart. Make you think too much about it. If only you were not told about it, you wouldn't even have to THINK about it.

All the more the reason why I really want to say 'I Hate You'. But saying it out would just seal the fact and there will be no turning back. It would seem that I care even though I don't want to care.

I just want this feeling and thoughts to go away. Please. 

Renewed faith in life

Subhanallah. It is amazing what sharing w Fizah, Alisha and Kak Yatie did to renew my faith in life. It makes me think.

When you take a step back, you'll realise that you're not as mature as you think you are. New problems will surface. You will undergo new experiences. These things are crucial moments in your life. It makes you grow up and mature. Maturity is not static. That is what I learnt in these past short but critical days. We already know that age does not determine maturity. But truly, one can never claim to be mature when one has not experienced life. Who has fully experienced life? A dead person. Hahaha. Bad joke. But truly, you are only mature when you face something yiu have experienced before.

Life is a journey. A self-exploring journey. Your identity and beliefs shape around this on-going journey.

With that, always remember to start your day with "Bismillah" as it marks a continuation of your journey of self-discovery.


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My Problem??

Feeling lousy lately. Since last week. Had another mini-breakdown today. Cld it be pms? I dunno. I juz feel so sad when i listen & hear all e crazy things tt happen/happened to my frens. It's juz so upsetting. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, immaturity... I can't take it. My problem is tt i juz can't understand why PEOPLE DUN understand! Giving in to gossips for e fun of it. It hurts! And it hurts for me to see my friends hurt. Why is e world such a crazy place? Why can't there be understanding?

I'm seriously stressed. And upset. Astaghfirullah. =(

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Otanjoubi Omedetou Hey!Say!JUMP!!!

A belated post for my beloved Hey!Say!JUMP. Gomen!!

I've been too busy with school stuff that I had no time for my regular checks on the comm that I missed the anniversary date. Nonetheless, these boys are officially 3 years old!! Congratulations! For a group of 10, JUMP has indeed faced difficulties in building the group spirit since there's just so may of them. It makes me happy when they can confidently say that they are now closer than they were 3 years ago.

BEST has grown up to be mature guys. Looking forward to see how this older sub-group develops.
7 has/is leaving the kid in them (though they do still playfully mess ard XDD).

I really love JUMP. Arashi may be my ichiban but JUMP holds a special place in my heart. I really hope that they'll stay strong as a group.

Will be supporting u guys all the way~~

Otanjoubi Omedetou Arashi-chan!!!! XD


A belated Annivesary wish to my beloved boys.. ARASHI!!!

How could I not have the time to post a dedication from them yesterday?? Horrible me! Well, yesterday (15th Sept 2010) was my favourite boys' 11th year Anniversary sonce their debut in 1999. Aww~~~~ They're all so grown-up and charming right now! (And Jun takes my breath away. ANd Oh-chan is alrd turning 30 this year! 0_0!)

I'll be buying their 9th album when I go off to Malacca early next month. Yatta! I can't wait to buy it! And I soo wanna watch Jun-kun's latest drama. <3 <3

Anw, I'm in school so I'm kinda distrated and my fangirl mood is not really on. More when I'm get home ^_^

PS: I bought (w 'Aida), Camp Rock OST 2, Jonas Brothers' 3rd Album and HSM 3
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Otanjoubi Omedetou Jun-kun!!!

Hey all!!

It's MatsuJun's 27th Birthday!!!
(I have not even posted anything about MY Birthday and I'm posting on Jun's?? ish ish ish...)

Anw, I can't post much now since I'm BUSY with school work. (Physics is KILLING me! I never knew Data Analysis could be such a killer XP). Back to the HAPPY stuuf ^_^

Juz a few hours back, I discoved that Jun has a new product that he is promoting for Fasio...
It is a Mascaliner!! Apparently it is a combi of Mascara and Eyeliner. Cool eh? These Japanese sure has lots of brilliant ideas. You juz need to bring ths Mascaliner and not both mascara AND eyeliner. =DD
Apparently, the 'image' of using this Mascaliner/idea comes from a Cat! XD

Here's a pic of the CM XDDD

Kyaa~~~!! I'm soo tempted to get this. I know I have already bought the OTHER macara Jun promoted earlier this year but... Kyaa~~ Excuse me for my *high fan-girl syndrome* ^_^
Thankfully it's not available yet in Singapore cos I have juz recently went to buy a Fasio Zero Expert product some time last week in collaboration of my birthday and this Mascaliner was not available then.

Goodeness. You should see what is on my wish list now. Amongst them are:
JUMP No.1 (HSJ's 1st Album)
Arashi's 9th Album
Sony Ericsson's BRAVIA S004
Fasio's Mascaliner
Arashi & HSJ Badges (due to arrive on the 15th of Sept later)
New earpiece
School Footwear

So yes, we can probably see where my Hari Raya money will go to.. Thank goodness I have some savings/'working'!

Anw, to end this off, HAPPY 27th Jun-kun!! Totally support you in your career!! I look forward to see you discover yourself and surprise us with your new stage ideas at Arashi's concerts =D